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If you’re thinking toward retirement or building wealth in general, it’s smart to research different types of investments that may be off the beaten path. While more mainstream investments — stocks, real estate, etc. — are helpful ones to have, alternative investment options can set your portfolio apart, guarantee income, and hedge risk. Especially in today’s economy.

Individuals and companies have the ability to buy the right to other people’s future payments from structured settlements. Annuitants who need a substantial amount of money quickly can transfer the rights to these payments and receive a lump sum.

Purchasing future structured settlement payments has multiple benefits. These include:

  • Higher yields
  • Better security, as they pose less risk than equities and have a strong repayment history by highly-rated insurance companies
  • Helping someone who was previously injured by providing liquidity when they have exhausted other financial options.

In an environment of declining interest rates, having a high fixed-income asset is a strong offering. Typically, high-return, high-security investment opportunities outside of the stock market are hard to find. Structured settlements are typically a low-risk investment with an attractive yield.

Until now, there was a downside to grabbing these investments. That’s because historically, factoring companies that broker structured settlement sales marked up the price or charged a staggering commission on the future payments. They would (and still do) sell to wealthy individuals and corporations that specialize in these types of investments. For buyers, this frustrating and potentially expensive process excluded them from a valuable investment product.

We created CrowFly to increase the value of these assets for both sellers and buyers. Our transparent, accessible, and less-costly process makes it easier for buyers to purchase the rights to structured settlement payments and earn more from their investment dollar.

How CrowFly Works

CrowFly is the first user-friendly online platform for selling and buying structured settlements. Its digital service connects sellers directly with interested, capitalized, vetted buyers, disintermediating the traditional factoring company that buys low and sells high. As a result, both sellers and buyers get what they need at a more reasonable price.

Dedicated to creating an experience that is easy, fast, and transparent, CrowFly is designed to connect eligible purchasers to verified assets available in all 50 states in the U.S. As a conscientious nationwide service, CrowFly is redefining how structured settlements are sold and bought, helping sellers and buyers get the better deals that they deserve. Learn more about buying structured settlements at

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