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Industry disruptor poised for 2020 growth with restructured executive suite

BUFFALO, N.Y. – Coming off its online launch in Sept. 2019, CrowFly has restructured its executive suite in order to build on last year’s results and momentum. CrowFly is the only user friendly, online platform for both selling and buying structured settlements, streamlining the buying and selling process by allowing settlement sellers and eligible purchasers to directly connect.

Formerly in the role of chief technology officer and head of strategy, Tony Barnes now assumes the position of CrowFly CEO. In this role, he expands his duties overseeing the company’s strategy, including enhancing seller outreach and notification tools and making access to these assets a standard for individual investors. His background includes more than 20 years leading technology initiatives, including time at Microsoft and multiple early stage software companies.

“We had tremendous success launching our CrowFly platform back in September, and building on that momentum will require continuous technological enhancement,” said Barnes. “It’s an amazing opportunity to work with such a fantastic team dedicated to a positive social justice transformation, all while leveraging modern technology and tools.”

Previously in the role of chief of staff, Nita Bhatia now assumes the position of CrowFly COO. In this role, she oversees the company’s execution and efforts to enable both sellers and buyers of structured settlement payments. Additionally, Bhatia leads hiring, working to bring on a team dedicated to world-class service to customers.

“Every day, we see victims of personal injuries get better results because of our efforts while we’re simultaneously providing high yield alternatives for individual investors,” said Bhatia. “I’m proud of my team and their results.”

Barnes and Bhatia co-founded CrowFly along with John Bair in 2017. Bair previously served as CEO and remains deeply involved as the leader of CrowFly’s board of advisers.

It’s invigorating to see industry veterans taking notice of our efforts and approach at CrowFly,” said Bair. “Having Tony and Nita in these roles aligns their strengths so perfectly with the company’s goals and positions us to have a tremendously positive impact on people’s lives in 2020.”

Sellers and buyers can call 833-CROWFLY (833-276-9359) for more information or visit to register for a free account and get started today.

About CrowFly
CrowFly is the first user-friendly, online platform for selling and buying structured settlements. Dedicated to creating an experience that is easy, fast and transparent, CrowFly is designed to connect eligible purchasers to verified assets available in all 50 states in the U.S. Established in 2017, CrowFly’s founders bring to the table more than 20 years of experience in structured settlement litigation. As a conscientious nationwide marketplace, CrowFly is redefining how structured settlements are sold and bought. Learn more at

Jordyn Burnell

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