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As professionals with decades of experience in the settlement planning field, we have seen firsthand the difficulties and inefficiencies within the structured settlement exchange market. We developed CrowFly as a fair, legal alternative for people to buy and sell future structured settlement payments. Here’s how we’ve simplified the process. 

What was the market like before CrowFly? 

The secondary structured settlement market has historically entailed an indirect and inefficient process. Here are a few of the problems we’ve aimed to solve: 

  • Sellers and buyers lacked access to information and pricing transparency. 
  • There was no easy way for people to sell a structured settlement if they needed cash for the asset. 
  • There was no platform to transform these future payments into money in an efficient and transparent way. 

On top of the difficulties of the process itself, the structured settlement secondary market left sellers with no choice but to lose substantial value for their future payments. Dominant market participants advertise and sell aggressively and buy policies for a steep discount. They act as a “middleman,” buying assets as low as possible and then reselling them at a much higher value than what they purchased them for. Both sellers and buyers lose money in this costly, complicated, and unjust process. 

How is CrowFly simplifying the process? 

CrowFly is the first user-friendly online platform to transform the sale of structured settlements with the intention of bringing the most value to sellers and buyers. CrowFly’s transparent, efficient marketplace directly connects pre-vetted buyers with individual sellers, minimizing the transaction cost of a pass-through agent. Annuitants receive the maximum value for their settlement. Buyers pay a minimized cost. 

CrowFly’s online platform offers the following benefits: 

  • Easy, honest estimates 
  • Vetted buyers 
  • A streamlined, proactive process 

CrowFly also educates people who are interested in buying and selling. On-staff advisors help guide sellers through the process, and an online calculator will help them understand what to expect. For us, it’s not about making an exorbitant about of money off sellers’ assets. The point is to bring more fairness to a system that needs it. 

Interested in learning more about CrowFly? Let’s talk

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