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If you have future structured settlement payments from a lawsuit resulting from a personal injury, wrongful death, or other catastrophic life event, many people worked hard to get you customized payments to meet your expected financial needs. However, you may suddenly need an immediate sum of cash, and selling your future payments may be your only option. If that is the case, who can buy your future structured settlement payments?

Companies that buy future structured settlement payments

Between the late night commercials and searching online for buyers, you could find many options. And many of these “factoring” companies tell you that they guarantee giving you the best price when they buy your future payments. But really, most of them are owned by the same parent company, so the whole process feels like a game — and unfortunately, the seller is never the winner.

There is not one individual buyer behind CrowFly. Our network includes institutions as well as individual buyers who have capital and are willing to offer a premium for guaranteed income streams. Vetted buyers can be investment funds, family offices, individuals planning for retirement or diversifying their portfolio, and even other injured parties looking to form structured settlement payments. Eligible investors sign up to get access to these assets as a hedge against stock market drops or to set up predictable income of their own. We vet each potential buyer before they can see deal summaries in order to ensure that they have sufficient funds before moving forward with a specific private transaction.

CrowFly’s mission is to achieve better outcomes when individuals choose to sell structured settlement payments by providing an efficient, transparent, and easy online service. Call CrowFly today to discuss your options. Or, just get started online.

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