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The American Association for Justice launched an ad campaign yesterday to remind people of the 98,000 patients who die each year from preventable medical errors, that tort reform won’t fix health care, and Congress must put patients first.

The ads will fill all of the space in the Union Station subway station in Washington D.C. for the entire month of December. Union Station is located near the U.S. Senate office buildings, reaching many staffers who commute via publication transportation to work.

The banners, billboards and light boxes in Union Station share the stories of patients who have died from preventable medical errors. They also remind travelers that 98,000 people is equivalent to two 737s crashing each day for an entire year. The ads direct people to visit to view more stories and learn about the issue.

The academic research is clear that tort law charges won’t cover the uninsured or lower costs. It is important that Congress remembers that health care is about real people and puts patients first.

See coverage of the ad campaign at the Wall Street Journal, Politico, and Lawyers USA, and visit to learn more.

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