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Is there arsenic in the apple juice that you give to your children? Recent information has come to light indicating that there may be arsenic in the apple juice you purchase every day at your local grocery store. The host of the nationally syndicated “Dr. Oz” show, Dr. Mehmet Oz, has conducted an investigation into the levels of arsenic found in apple juice and, according to his investigation, some brands of store bought apple juice contain levels that are unsafe for consumption. This week, the FDA has issued a statement, refuting Dr. Oz’s findings, and indicating that there is no public health risk from drinking apple juice.

Arsenic is present in the environment as a naturally occurring substance or from contamination from human activity. It is found in the air, soil and water in organic and inorganic forms. Organic arsenic is allegedly harmless however inorganic arsenic is harmful at high levels or over time with repeated exposure. Arsenic exposure can cause an increased risk of cancer and other medical problems. Currently, the FDA tests for total arsenic in our food and beverages. However, while the EPA has set the standard for acceptable limits of arsenic in drinking water, there have been NO such standards set for juice or juice concentrates. This begs the question – why not? And, is any level of arsenic acceptable in fruit juice that you give to your children?

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