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As the recall of Avaira contact lenses has been expanded, reports of adverse symptoms have also increased.

Individuals who used Avaira Toric or Avaira Sphere contact lenses continue to report adverse events to CooperVision, as well as to their doctors, lawyers, and the FDA. There are increasing reports of serious eye injuries including corneal ulcers, corneal lesions, corneal abrasions, corneal edema, corneal erosion, and keratitis. Other complaints include blurry or hazy vision often described as a white or opaque film over the eye, severe eye pain, burning, redness, dryness, light sensitivity, and vision impairment. While some users may suffer only temporary side effects, others may require urgent medical care or experience permanent vision loss.

Coopervision, the manufacturer of Avaira contact lenses, has recalled Avaira Toric and Avaira Sphere contact lenses because a silicone oil residue was left on the lenses as part of the manufacturing process. The exact composition of the residue is currently unknown and the long term effects of exposure to this silicone residue are also unknown.

Anyone who used Avaira Toric contact lenses or Avaira Sphere contact lenses who has suffered adverse side effects or whose contact lenses are affected by the Avaira contact lens recall should contact a medical device or contact lens attorney promptly who can evaluate the case. It is also very important to keep the contact lenses and all original packaging because this is evidence that will be important in a lawsuit.

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