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Miami-based Banner Supply Co., a major supplier of Chinese drywall in Florida, has agreed to a settlement with about 74 homeowners whose homes contain Chinese drywall sold by the company. See the South Florida Business Journal article here.

The settlement could pave the way for future settlements but for now only covers a small number of properties in the Keys Gate subdivision in Homestead, FL.

The homeowners were lead by Melissa and Jason Harrell, sued Banner and other companies after they discovered defective drywall was the source of numerous problems they had experience with newly purchased $360,000 home.

Over the past couple of months Chinese drywall litigation has really started to heat and homeowners are finally starting to signs of relief.

Last month one of the main manufacturers of Chinese drywall, Knauf Tianjin, agreed to begin a pilot remediation program on 300 homes in four states. While the pilot program will only cover 300 homes initially it could be expanded if all goes well.

Many homeowners who have been dealing with the toxic effects of Chinese drywall for years are finally starting to see light at the end of the tunnel, and hopefully they will all soon get the relief the so desperately need.

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