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Last night the CBS Evening News featured an interesting story on Pfizer’s prescription stop smoking drug Chantix. The story featured an interview with 33 year-old Amy Garza, a 17 year smoker who tried Chantix to help her quit smoking. Garza was initially very pleased with the results she got from the drug and thought she was well on her way to living a smoke-free life, that is until she tried to killed herself.

Garza claims that out of nowhere she found herself in the midst of a psychotic breakdown. The event breakdown culminated which Garza making an attempt to take her own life. Garza had never been under psychological care and the past places the blame for her suicidal thoughts and suicide attempt on Chantix.

Thousands of others have experienced adverse effects from the popular drug world wide. Both Europe and Australia have decided to include a suicidal thought warning on the drug in their markets. The FDA has launched an investigation into Chantix and is currently reviewing data from clinical trials and the FDA’s Adverse Event Reporting System to decide if the drug should carry additional warnings on the U.S. market.

For some Chantix has been a miracle drug and has undoubtedly extended their lives by assisting them in quitting smoking; however, others like Amy Garza, allege that Chantix almost most cut their lives short.

Anyone taking Chantix should be closely monitored and should be very cautious of adverse effects. The FDA has requested that all adverse effects be reported to their Adverse Event Reporting System. If you have had an undesirable experience while taking Chantix we are also interested in hearing about it.

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