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The diagnosis of mesothelioma is received with more confusion than answers. The confusion arises out of the bizarre, previously unheard of name which can’t be pronounced by the average person. That confusion is then compounded by the news that something that may have happened thirty, forty or fifty years ago caused this problem.

For many, they cannot even recall when they may have been exposed to asbestos. Yet, this silent killer-asbestos, has been working on their bodies for decades. The victim then receives the final blow, learning that the disease is not curable, and that any treatments are in all likelihood only going to add a matter of months to life. The doctors can offer no comfort. Medicine still has no answers. And after all these years, people will invariably say “oh, I thought the asbestos problem was over.”

The problem is not over for those who are diagnosed everyday. The medical community, scientists and our government need to continue to pay attention to this tragic and devastating disease. There are few answers and very little help for the victims who are diagnosed everyday. While there is some minimal research at a few hospitals, and one or two Mesothelioma Victim Funds funded by lawyers, the answers and the search for answers do not even approximate the magnitude of the problem.

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