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Members of the Mass Tort Plaintiffs’ Bar in Philadelphia are seeing a drop-off in filings.

The quieting of Philadelphia mass torts filings is due in part to a perception by out-of-town lawyers that new mass tort protocols make Philadelphia a less-friendly venue for out-of-state Plaintiffs, along with a federal crack-down on insuffient drug labeling that has narrowed failure-to-warn cases, according to the article”Lull’ Seen by Attorneys in Phila.-Based Mass Tort Litigation” in The Legal Intelligencer.

According to an article, the “lull” in Philadelphia mass tort litigation may be due, in part, to the Obama Administration’s increased vigilance over drug manufacturers’ label warnings.

The article by P.J. D’Annunzio, which features Sheller, P.C. Partner Claudine Homolash, notes that while mass torts may be quieting, our firm continues to represent dozens of clients who developed gynecomastia (female breasts) after taking Johnson & Johnson’s anti-psychotic drug Risperdal.

As experience tells us: Mass Torts are cyclical with changing level of vigilance by the FDA.

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