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During the drive to Thanksgiving Dinner last week, one of the topics that came up was the safest seat in the car in the event of an accident. My future inlaws and I formed the consensus that the back seats would be the safest. That’s why I was very alarmed to see this video from NBC 10 advising that the back seat can be extremely dangerous in the event of a crash, especially for children. Though I’m not a parent, I recall hearing that the back seat is the safest place for children.

This video demonstrates that the problem doesn’t rest with the backseat itself, but rather with potentially faulty seat backs and seatbelt placement of the front seats.

Improperly installed seatbelts can cause the front passenger to slide back in a rear-ended collision head first into the head of the rear passenger.

Larry Coben, who achieved a $26 Million verdict from a woman injured by a collapsing seat in a rear end collision, advises NBC 10 that the safest seatbelts are those in which the shoulder belt and lap belts are built into the seat.

With December to Remember and the Honda Days upon us, keep in mind that there are more things to consider when purchasing a vehicle than just the best Holiday Deals.

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