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Just about every week I learn of new ways for people to be seriously injured. Not too long ago it was tube kiting that burst on the scene. (Sitting on large inner-tube shaped “kites” towed behind motorboats at high enough speeds to become airborne.) This week it is skitching. (Hitching a ride by grabbing a car while on a skateboard.)

The details of a skitcher who sustained a brain injury in Florida are reported by my fellow InjuryBoard blogger, Charles Monnett, III, of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Skitching Teenager Ends Up With Brain Injury

A 14-year-old boy is recovering from a serious brain injury he received after he fell while riding a skateboard while hanging onto a car. This dangerous activity goes by the name of skitching.

Alex Hanson is recovering at Tampa General Hospital. He is a student at Charlotte High School. He was skitching at the 13000 block of Orchid Drive in Punta Gorda when he sustained the life threatening brain injury. He can now feed himself, speak a little, sit up and continues to improve.

I know the more traditional sporting activities of water skiing and roller-skating have caused serious injuries, but I have to believe skitching should be reserved for James Bond movies.

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