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I was reading the ATLA Law News Digest and came across this story . The story shows that some nursing homes definitely put profit over their patient’s well-being . Staff cuts and low staffing numbers are the root of the problem . Understaffing saves money , but diminshes care . I have reprinted part of the report below from ATLA and Readers Digest .

An 84-year-old Kentucky farmer , spent his last days bedridden and in intense pain . A bowel impactiont hat went untreated for several dayscaused a fatal heart attack . His family did not learn the truth of his terrible demise at the Beverly Health and Rehabilitation Nursing home in Frankfort untill weeks after he was buried . A daughter learned of his mistreatment at church from a van driver who stated nothing was done for him . He further stated ” it was so sad her dad had to die suffering like that and nothing was done for him.” Suffering ? Nothing done ? The family was told the death was perfunctory .

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