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Eighteen years ago my so died when an unsecured football (soccer) goalpost fell on him and ruptured his heart.

This was a needless death and many more children and adults have died before and since from unsafe, home made and unsecured football goalposts. The ones that killed my son weighed 200lbs and were made of solid steel, he stood no chance.

Since then I have been campaigning in England for legislation to prevent the use of all unsafe football goalposts. This is not only a problem in my country but the rest of the world. I also have a child with complex special needs and haven’t been able to campaign as much as I would have liked to. Now given this opportunity to write a blog may make a wider audience be aware of the dangers.

I advise all parents, school teachers, leisure centre mangers, groundsman, caretakers any one with an interest in football, to make sure that all football goalposts are erected by an adult, secured in the ground correctly, and stored away correctly if mobile.

Last year I had a book published all about my campaign it is the same title as this post and available from

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