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There are times when the system works.

Fabuloso’s better bottle – thanks to you

In March 2006, after being alerted by a Consumer Reports reader, we reported on all-purpose cleaners whose packaging may entice children to drink them. The vivid-colored, sweet and fruity-smelling bottled cleaners also lacked child-resistant caps, which federal law does not require, since their labels described the products as cleaners. One of the products highlighted in the report was Colgate-Palmolive’s Fabuloso, a multi-use cleaner whose packaging resembles that of a fruity energy drink.

In the wake of our story, Colgate-Palmolive promised to use a child-proof cap on Fabuloso later this year. Well, it’s later this year, and Consumer Reports shoppers recently purchased a bottle of Fabuloso with the child-safety cap. Although the bottle still resembles an energy drink, we are happy Colgate-Palmolive has redesigned Fabuloso’s cap to make it safer for children, and hope other manufacturers will follow their lead.

Fabuloso’s new child-proof cap illustrates how Consumer Reports reader letters raise awareness about important product safety hazards, and contribute to prompting changes in the marketplace. We advocate contacting both the Consumer Products Safety Commission and Consumer Reports with product safety concerns. One of the important benefits of contacting Consumer Reports along with the CPSC is that our reader letters allow us to gather information on specific product brands, makes and models, such as Fabuloso, in order to analyze and address complaints.

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