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Hammock-like baby beds made by Amby were recalled due to a suffocation risk. The beds rock in various directions when the baby stirs. The rocking motion can cause the baby to turn over and suffocate in the fabric or padding. Two infants have died in the beds. Safety advocates state that babies are safest in bassinets or cribs with a firm bottom and without extra fabric, padding, or any gaps that a baby could become trapped in. Consumers should stop using the Amby baby beds immediately! Amby says they will offer a free repair kit in January. For more information call 866-544-9721 and visit this article from the Chicago Tribune.

In my opinion, it would best to discontinue use of the product. When dealing with infants, no compromise in safety or risk of injury, is acceptable.  This recall, along with the other numerous crib recalls we have seen this year, highlight the need to 1. Never buy used infant cribs or sleep associated products, 2. Consistently inspect any infant sleeping products, such as cribs or other products for loose or poor fitting parts and 3. sign up for recall updates at the CPSC website.

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