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My son has a 2010 Ford Fusion, and Ford just sent a recall notice to me.  In the recall notice, it tells us to take the vehicle to a dealer and have it repaired as the problem could cause serious injury or death.

So, I called a dealer and spoke with the woman in the service department.  She told me that they do not have the parts in to repair the airbag defect yet.  Therefore, I asked what any concerned parent would ask, “What about my son?  Is he simply supposed to continue to drive this deathtrap?”  Her response, “I know it’s a difficult situation.  That’s why I don’t drive a Ford.”  I responded, “Don’t tell your boss.”  Her response, “He doesn’t drive one either.”

What does it say when two integral parts of a Ford dealer, the service manager and owner, won’t drive a Ford?  What is a customer supposed to do?  What about Takata?  Takata “Dreams of a world with zero fatalities from traffic accidents. We understand the importance of every individual, and hope to one day experience a global community where everyone recognizes the true value of human life.”  But, people are dying as a result of their airbags.  Shouldn’t they get these cars fixed ASAP?

Companies always talk the talk, but when it comes time to own up to their customers, they rarely walk the walk.  At Lewis, Feldman & Lehane, LLC, we have been handling Alabama Lemon Law cases for years.  It has been our experience lately that Ford Motor Company would rather fight with their customers instead of help make things right.

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