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This may be a broad assumption on my part, but I’m quite certain that high gas prices have or are going to increase motorcycle and/or scooter traffic on our highways.  Why have I come to that conclusion?  Quite simple, the other day I was driving and noticed a motorcycle driving by and on it was a friend I haven’t seen in a couple of years. I was shocked as this was not the type of person that would ordinarily be driving a motorcycle.  In fact, I remember talking with him years ago about the dangers of motorcycles and he told me he could never imagine having one while he still had children.  Now what changed his mind?  I can only conclude the high gas prices and the modern family’s inability to afford to fill their tanks for their daily commute.


Now I bet your wondering what my ranting above is all about.  Its quite simple, as a personal injury lawyer, I have seen way too many catastrophic motorcycle crashes that have either resulted in death or horrific injuries.   When a call comes in and I learn the wreck happened on a motorcycle, I immediately assume the injuries are grave.  


So my advice and you don’t need 7 years of schooling to come to this conclusion.  Be careful if you’re riding a motorcycle and even more importantly, all of you who are steel sucking down the gas in your automobile, be wary of increased motorcycle safety.  Let’s protect our fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters who are on the roadways in Oklahoma. 

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