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Coming off the Labor Day weekend, on this past Labor Day Monday, Japanese auto manufacturer Honda announced it will recall 936,000 Honda vehicles from its CR-V and Fit models to replace the master switch to their power windows.

For power windows to malfunction is a common problem in many automobiles—but this particular “design flaw” over an extended period of time could “cause residue from window cleaners to accumulate, degrade the switch’s electrical contacts and potentially cause a fire.” Thus far, no injuries have been reported, but Honda is concerned enough about its image as a leading world car manufacturer to recall more than 80,100 cars in the U.S. alone. Honda is still trying to overcome bad vibes from its earlier August 2011 recall of 1.5 million cars in the U.S. to remedy a transmission problem.

Honda will also recall approximately 26,000 CR-Zs (hybrids) worldwide which have manual transmissions as there is glitch in their “transmission” software requiring repair. This particular glitch might “allow the motor to rotate in the opposite direction from the transmission’s gear” and the car could roll backward when the transmission is in forward gear. This would seem to me to be a bigger problem than the power windows, but…? Honda says it will fix the problem with a software upgrade, so there is no having your local shade-tree mechanic fix this one.

We still mourn the days when Joe, the very good mechanic down the street, could fix one’s car and the parts were manufactured in the U.S. So be

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