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A hernia is described by doctors as a defect of gap in the abdominal muscle wall through which an intra-abdominal organ can protrude. Weakness or a small tear can cause this gap in the muscle. Ventral hernias usually occur in an area where surgery has previously been performed and are on the abdominal surface.

In order to repair a ventral hernia a doctor may use the Kugel Mesh Patch, manufactured by CR Bard, Inc. The patch is placed behind the hernia by inserting a folded patch through a small incision. Once in place the patch springs open and lays flat. It is this memory recoil ring that allows the device to do this and it is this part of the patch that has led to its recall. The FDA reported that that ring can break and lead to a number of intestinal problems. The broken ring may also migrate to other areas of the body causing complications. This problem has led to several patient injuries and even death.

Doctors have been advised to stop using the Kugel Mesh Patch and the FDA is recommending that patients who were implanted with Patches on the recall list seek immediate medical attention if they experience unusual symptoms.

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