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Attorney Altom M. Maglio was elected to lead a group focused on the ongoing litigation against Johnson & Johnson over the company’s Pinnacle and ASR metal on metal hip replacements.

The American Association for Justice (AAJ), the primary organization for plaintiffs’ trial lawyers in the United States, recently elected Mr. Maglio Chairman of the DePuy Metal on Metal Hip Implant Litigation Group. Mr. Maglio will help coordinate strategy for AAJ attorneys who are filing lawsuits against J&J’s metal on metal hips.

In 2008 Mr. Maglio filed the first lawsuit in the United States over a defective metal on metal hip replacement. He’s been involved at the highest levels of these cases ever since and brings that experience and knowledge of the medical device industry to the AAJ group.

Johnson & Johnson faces legal pressure over the Pinnacle metal-on-metal hip implant, despite a 2018 settlement deal. Over the past 10 years, J&J paid out billions of dollars to settle lawsuits involving the recalled DePuy ASR metal-on-metal hip system, which is similar to the Pinnacle hip.

Maglio’s own national law firm, Maglio Christopher & Toale, P.A. is aggressively pursuing Pinnacle metal on metal hip cases and filing Pinnacle MoM hip lawsuits across the U.S. on behalf of clients.

The AAJ DePuy Metal on Metal Implant Litigation group will assist attorneys facing Pinnacle and ASR lawsuits with the resources and information they need to effectively represent their clients. If you are an attorney representing someone with a Johnson & Johnson DePuy metal on metal hip replacement, go to to join the litigation group.

MCT Law is a national complex litigation law firm with offices in Sarasota, FL, Seattle, WA, and Washington, DC.  It filed the first metal on metal (MoM) hip replacement lawsuit in the United States in 2008. Additionally, MCT Law’s highly experienced trial attorneys continue to litigate metal on metal hip replacement cases across the country. The Firm represents patients suffering the effects of heavy metal poisoning from metal on metal hip replacements. Contact our attorneys at 888.952.5242 or online at


  1. Gravatar for Bruce A Green
    Bruce A Green

    I have been waiting over 7 years for justice concerning this poisonous metal on metal hip system placed in my body in 2007. I remember my doctor recommending this type of hip because he said since i was young and active, this hip will last much longer. Well, only 5 1/2 years later i am getting the thing ripped out of my body because there was loosening, tissue damage, and my blood had high level of metal ions. I was suffering from metallosis.

    During the time after it was implanted i began having all kinds of medical problems, not knowing what was causing it. My primary care doctor was seeing me often but was puzzled with all my symptoms. I changed doctors hoping for some answers but nothing was getting any better. Then, I was reading something about hips failing early. The article mentioned asking your doctor for a blood test for metals in your bloodstream. Sure enough my chromium/cobalt levels were high and the defective hip had to come out.

    Let me tell you, that surgery was a b...h on me physically including an infection along my incision. I was miserable and in MUCH PAIN.

    I am so angry that a company would allow a known defect in their product be put in a box and shipped to a hospital knowing it was going into someone's body! That is criminal if you ask me....and then have the nerve to refuse helping the people afflicted by there known defective product. I think there is a special place in H..L for people like that. I want monetary justice and want it now!!! I have waited long enough and am disabled with only my disability check of $1,800 a month....and $1,000 of it going to my mortgage. Try living on $800 a month!!!! PLEASE LAWYERS......make this bad company pay now!!

    Thank you,

    Bruce Green

  2. Gravatar for Cynthia GENGLER
    Cynthia GENGLER

    I have had 5 hip replacements because of my Pinnacle hips and the damage they caused to my body. I spent years in misery, not being able to walk without a wheelchair or a walker. I missed out on living my life with my family and had to leave my job and go on disability. I feel like poisoning my body was a criminal act, mainly because of the coverup and decisions J&J made in an attempt to make us all wait for years to get justice, in the hope that we die before we get a settlement. Please help us get justice...we have all suffered while J&J filled their pockets with money, showing no remorse for ruining our lives.

    1. Gravatar for Cynthia GENGLER
      Cynthia GENGLER

      I forgot to comment on all the problems that pinnacle hip victims also suffer from. Many of us have vision, heart complications, autoimmune issues, endocrine issues, muscle issues, tissue issues, tendon issues, gait issues, leg length issues, dislocations, hearing loss...all from being poisoned for years from chromium and cobalt.

  3. Gravatar for Kelly Johst
    Kelly Johst

    I had a Pinnacle put in in 2005. My ortho recommended based on my age (35) and high activity level. Within months I was returning regularly for exams based on increasing pain. X-rays were taken. Lots and lots of X-rays. I was always sent on my way with a shrug... everything looks good.

    I start seeing my PCP on a regular basis. Memory loss, dizziness, confusion, arresting muscle spasms, insomnia, muscular pain, bone pain, and many other symptoms I had never experienced before.

    I begin pushing my ortho on ASR recalls - could Pinnacle be bad too? I was told no, he would be notified. I’m sent on my way again.... and again and again and again.

    Meanwhile at my PCP visits I get referred for breast cancer. No family history. No precursors at all. Lumpectomy, radiation and tamoxifen.

    By now it is 2012. The Pinnacle has been inside me for SEVEN years.

    2013 I can no longer walk. My ortho finally does a blood test and immediately scheduled surgery.

    He said it was the worst he’s ever seen. Black tar like fluid bubbling up through the incision. Lots of tissue and bone loss. The stem was almost melted into my femur. He had to do an osteotomy to remove it. Woke up in the most excruciating pain in my life - it didn’t even lessen for more than 4 months. Screaming in pain 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 4 weeks a month, for FOUR months. Couldn’t bear weight for those FOUR months.

    Six months after replacement I am diagnosed with a new, different breast cancer. I had a bilateral mastectomy.

    My other symptoms continued. I have had to change jobs, greatly reducing my income based on inability to rely on walking. I was given a permanent disability placard. I was told I should go on permanent disability. I didn’t. I couldn’t. I was a single mom with a mortgage. I pushed through each day and cried myself to sleep each night in blinding pain. For YEARS!! The Pinnacle stole 13 years of my life. ON PURPOSE.

    This is now 14 years later. I am only just now able to start to rebuild my strength. The majority of my symptoms are starting to subside.

    The DePuy Pinnacle hip poisoned me, changed my genetic makeup, stole the prime of my life, affected my earning ability, cheated my son out of his only parent. It is criminal.

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