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While the full extent of the harm posed by using e-cigarettes is still being debated, the devices themselves are already causing severe injuries. As reported in a recent article:

Earlier last year, a young man from Albany, New York, was partaking of “vape” with his electronic cigarette when the device exploded in his mouth, taking out several of his teeth, ripping a hole in his tongue, and causing severe burns on his hands. He later described the experience: “[It was] like a M80 bomb went off in my mouth.” In May of 2016, an unidentified minor in New Jersey also had an e-cigarette explode in her mouth, causing severe burn injuries to her lips and gums.

For the full article, Click Here.

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  1. Gravatar for Russell Berman
    Russell Berman

    The case is still out on the long term effects of e-cigs, but the cheap manufactured products are a serious danger to those who use them.

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