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How many times have you driven and almost hit a car or motorcyclist in your blind spot? Do you now take the time to briefly turn and make sure you have clear access to the adjoining lane? It’s a hard lesson learned for many people to take careful consideration of your blind spot while driving.

Regretfully, a Noble motorcyclist is in critical condition today according to The article references the preliminary iinvestigation by the Norman police who state that a vehicle apparently turned left into the path of a westbound motorcycle ridden by the injured man.

I can’t say whether the motorcyclist was in the driver’s blind spot but let’s take this as a reminder to pay special attention to the motorcyclists on our roads. Let’s also keep this cyclist in our thoughts and prayers.

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  1. Gravatar for Wayne Parsons
    Wayne Parsons

    There seems to be a national epidemic of motorcycle injury and death. In Hawaii we have never seen so many. Some appear due to dangerous curves in roadways. Some are due to the fact that car drivers don't look for motorcycles or mopeds and change lanes or turn into the path of the biker. One additional area of concern is biker training. The Palladino videos are great on that subject. The ramp up in sales of motorcycles means that _ perhaps _ untrained riders are on the roads and in harms way. Join a Club. Take a class. Be safe!

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