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The Oklahoma Supreme Court finally weighed in on tort reform a few weeks ago by addressing the constitutionality of merit letters required under 2003 tort reform. If you do not know, thecourt ruled as unconstitutional a provision of a 2003 tort reform law that required someone suing a medical professional to get an expert in the field, usually a doctor, to say in an affidavit that the lawsuit had merit.

The best part of the opinion is when the Court takes on those promoting tort reform. In its opinion the Court states that “the provision created a windfall for insurance companies that benefit from a decreased number of cases to defend but aren’t required to implement post-tort reform rates that decrease medical malpractice insurance for physicians.”

“These companies happily pay less out in tort-reform states while continuing to collect higher premiums from doctors and encouraging the public to blame the victim or attorney for bringing frivolous lawsuits,” the court’s opinion stated.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the supreme truth when the subject of tort reform is presented. Its for the insurance companies and does not benefit doctors or individual citizens. Rates do not go down and contrary to the Republican Senate leader’s mythical allegation, access to health care will not decrease. The public is being lied to. Doctors are being lied to. When will the truth finally arise. I can’t wait to hear the soon to be comments and editorials talking about activists judges, when in essence, this opinion was conservative and stuck with the original intent of our constitution. If the Court had chosen to be liberal then they would have let the law stand.

Don’t let scare tactics get in the way of truth and justice. Don’t let politicans continue to lie to you in order to fund their campaigns. Research and learn the truth from unbiased sources, then and only then will you see that tort reform is a myth from the insurance industry attempting to pad their already lucrative pockets.

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