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There will likely be a major reduction in the travel schedule of Santa Claus between now and that day which shall remain nameless on December 25 if the Ban Santa movement takes hold. I supposed his duties on December 24th and 25th will not have to be curtailed since nobody sees him distribute the you-know-whats.

Santa Claus Banned From New York Breakfast

Warwick, New York has made the decision to ban Santa Claus from its annual “Breakfast with Santa” scheduled for Saturday at one of the city’s elementary schools. Instead, it is now calling the gathering a “Winter Wonderland Breakfast”.

One parent, who refused to be named, complained that Santa Claus is a “religious figure”. When confronted as to how the students would take this news, School Superintendent Dr. Frank Greenhall said: “If you make it an issue, the kids will make it an issue.”

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