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McIntyre Law recently did a sobering review of statistics associated with driver fatigue and semi-tractor crashes in the United States. According to our study,

Drivers reported in a 2007 study that fatigue, inattention and pressure from work were associated with their semi truck accidents. As 11% of fatal accidents included a large commercial truck in 2008, and 97% of the deaths were car occupants, this is a sobering statistic that truck drivers and the public need to be aware of.

Even more astonishing is the top ten driver reported factors in semi crashes:

1. Brake Problems (29%)

2. Traveling too fast for conditions (23%)

3. Driver unfamiliar with roadway (22%)

4. Roadway problems (20%)

5. Over the counter drug use by semi driver (17%)

6. Inadequate survellience (14%)

7. Fatigue (13%)

8. Work Pressure from carrier (10%)

9. Driver made illegal maneuver (9%)

10. Driver inattention (9%)

These statistics are a sobering reminder of the dangers posed by tractor trailers. As an Oklahoma law firm who represents Oklahomans injured in semi accidents, I cannot implore our readers enough to be wary and cognizant of large trucks on the road. As the holidays approach, be careful and take steps to avoid being a truck crash victim statistic.

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