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Firearms and children continue to find each other. And, the combination is deadly.

Six year old finds gun in glove compartment

A six-year old Chicago boy, Jaylen Parker, died at the University of Chicago Hospital after shooting himself in a car belonging to his grandmother, a 17-year Cook County correctional officer, while she was retrieving the boy’s younger brother from the Mighty God Christian Academy, the Chicago Sun-Times reported Wednesday.

A source close to the investigation said police believe the boy was pulling the gun from the car’s glove compartment by the barrel when the trigger got “hung up” on another object and the weapon fired a shot at the boy’s mouth area.

Thank you Airborne Combat Engineer for picking up this story. This is certainly a needless combat death in the war against firearm carelessness.

In Florida this death would support a Wrongful Death claim. But, we would all hope it would “support” even more firearm safety.

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