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No sane parent should buy a toy made in China. As if the lead paint crisis was not bad enough, a children’s toy modeled after the popular television series CSI tested positive for tremolite, a deadly asbestos powder. Shockingly, the toy is a “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Fingerprint Examination Kit” and the fingerprint powder contains asbestos. The directions instruct the kids to blow on the powder or dust it away. This increases the risk of inhaling the asbestos. When asbestos fibers are inhaled, they reach the deep recesses of the lung where they are deposited permanently. These fibres may cause a deadly cancer , such as mesothelioma, or a terrible lung disease called asbestosis. These injuries can manifest several decades after exposure. There is on safe level of exposure to asbestos fibers. These dangerous kits have been on the market for as long as three years and are currently being sold at Toys R Us., eToys, QVC, and Walgreens. Kudos to Public Justice for taking action on this issue.

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