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A letter warning a Tyson Foods about the unsafe conditions found at a Texas plant was posted online today. In the letter the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) informed Tyson that their inspectors had found fish and crab meat stored at dangerously high temperatures for extended periods of time.

The FDA found seafood stored between 40 and 55 degrees for about 18 hours. According to the FDA these items should always be stores below 40 degrees in order to prevent bacteria from growing.

Tyson was also cited by the FDA back in August for failure to document procedures for stopping bacterial growth.

"Our Fort Worth plant is clean and sanitary and the products produced there are safe to eat," company spokesman Gary Mickelson said in a statement. The shrimp and crab meat observed by FDA inspectors was not used in company products, he added.

The FDA warning letter is dated Nov. 13, but was made available to the public online today.

Tyson says that have updated the temperature control plan in the mean time.

FDA warning letters are issued to companies when the FDA has found evidence of the company not following federal regulations marketing or manufacturing of goods. Although the letters are not legally binding, the agency can take companies to court if a letter is ignored of or they fail to comply with regulations.

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