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If you are researching how to sell structured settlement payments, you’ve probably read that a “transfer attorney” will get involved in the process. But now you are probably wondering a few things about this step, such as: Is using a transfer attorney required if I sell? Will I have to hire a transfer attorney on my own? Will I have to pay their fees?

A transfer attorney must be involved in every transfer of rights to future payments, which is what we mean by “selling structured settlements.” They are sometimes referred to as local counsel, because the attorney who works on your transfer will practice law in your state. (Some attorneys do cover more than one state, and in some states, several attorneys may be involved in one transfer.) But it’s important to know that if you sell your structured settlement payments for cash, the transfer attorney won’t be your attorney; rather, they will technically work alongside our team at CrowFly. However, it is not adversarial at all – we will all be working toward the same goal of ensuring the transfer happens in your best interest and that every step goes smoothly.

The role of a transfer attorney

First and foremost, a transfer attorney handles all court communication during the transfer process. They are also responsible for drafting the court documents – depending on the state, they may be called a pleading, petition, or application. Once in a while, the attorney may also communicate directly with you if they need to ask a question or relay information.

We at CrowFly know how critical it is to navigate the selling process efficiently – especially the court parts, so we only work with attorneys who have experience in handling structured settlement payment transfers. Our company also covers the cost of the transfer attorney’s fees, so that cost will never get put on you as the seller.

Questions? Call us.

We want you to make the right decision when you are thinking about selling your structured settlement payments for cash. At CrowFly, our team works diligently to get the most money for people who need to sell their future payments. At the same time, we go the extra mile to ensure that anyone who contacts us has the right information to make the best choices possible – even if that means they do not ultimately sell at all, or that they choose a different company to work with. We welcome you to call us at 833-CROWFLY or email with any questions.

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