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If you are considering building a new website for your law firm, there are some important things that you should think about that will significantly help you find new clients on the internet, and allow your visitors to get the information that they are looking for simply. The more client-centric your website is, the easier it will be for visitors to recognize the quality of your work and decide to contact you for your services.

Take a look at the following information to get a sense of the things that you should be looking out for while you are designing a new website, updating an existing site, or any other changes that you will want to make in order to reach your target audience and start driving new traffic to your law firm.

Hire a Web Designer

There are plenty of services available where you can build your own site, but the reality is that if you want it done right, you should hire a professional. When you are working with an experienced web design team who can take on all of the different aspects of your build, including coding, design, content, performance tracking, and more. When you are working with a pro, you can explain exactly what you want in a site, and they can make it work in a way that provides the most value to you in terms of web presence, navigability, and more. Hiring a company that specializes in web design for attorneys is a big plus.

Focus On Content

When your potential clients visit your site, they want to have access to the information that specifically applies to them, and puts their minds at ease knowing that you can work with them to help them understand their situation simply. In addition to providing useful information to your visitors that they can learn from directly on your website, relevant content has the secondary benefit of improving your search engine ranking, as long as you write the content with SEO strategies in mind. Some of the best web design firms offer SEO services in addition, meaning that you can launch with a fully-formed strategy designed to get your website to the top rankings of the most popular search engines.

Make Your Site Simple to Navigate

When someone is looking for an attorney, they are likely feeling a bit overwhelmed as it is. When they visit your site, it is important that you focus on the user experience (UX) that provides them with a simple way to navigate the site, and makes it extremely easy for them to request a consultation or additional information. If a visitor finds that it is difficult or frustrating to try to contact you, they will assume—consciously or sub-consciously—that working with you will be equally difficult or frustrating. When a site is hard to navigate, it is often easier for a visitor to go back to the search results and try the next site down.

Provide Plenty of Calls to Action

In addition to great navigation and useful content, a visitor wants clear indications of how they can take an action, such as how to request an initial consultation, how to call, or what steps they should take in order to begin the process of working with you. If it is difficult to find a way to take useful action, no amount of information will keep the visitor from leaving your site and trying the next page down. As with all other pieces of a website, if it is difficult to take an action a visitor understandably assumes that it will be difficult to work with you. When a visitor has a seamless experience on a website, it subconsciously sends a signal that you take the time to provide your clients with what they need and that working with you will be similarly simple to navigate your page.

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