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Greetings: has an opportunity of being awarded $25,000 from the Chase Community Giving Foundation. It costs you no money at all to help us; and would significantly help support our mission of keeping children safe in and around motor vehicles. It only takes 10 seconds for you to vote for us at:

At this special time of the year; we are hopeful you will want to help us continue our important work. Please invite your family, friends, classmates, and business associates – everyone you know – to cast a vote for Could you also ask your contacts to forward a message to their friends asking them to vote for us as well? If we keep the chain going; we might have an opportunity to be in the top 100 and be awarded $25,000.

In the spirit of this Thanksgiving holiday we to remind you about some of the contributions has been able to accomplish to help protect our children.

If you or a child you know gets caught in the trunk of a vehicle; you’ll be thankful that made sure there are glow-in-the dark trunk releases in trunks so you have a means of escape.

You’ll be thankful worked to make sure power window switches were made safer so you or other passengers won’t inadvertently raise power windows that have 40-80 pounds of force.

When you strain your neck to try to see what might be behind your vehicle while backing up; you should be thankful that made sure that our government is working on setting a rear visibility standard so we no longer have to back up blind.

Vehicles will not be able to be put into gear unless you have your foot on the brake. You’ll be thankful to know that worked to make sure all vehicles will have the brake transmission shift interlock (BTSI) feature. This means vehicles can only be put into gear if you have your foot placed firmly on the brake pedal.

Incidents that take place off of public roads and highways were never tracked in a database until got involved. It is now a requirement for our government to collect these data and work to prevent children (and adults) from being injured or killed on private property. For that we are very thankful.

The direct link to vote for is:

As we gather together for the Thanksgiving holiday this year; please get everyone over to the computer to vote for us and ask them to forward a request to all of their contacts. Resources are needed to continue our important work of preventing injury and death to children.

Also, if you have ideas on how to increase our vote count; we certainly would like to hear from you.

Thanks for supporting us through your votes. Don’t delay, vote today.

As always, we do accept tax-deductible donations. We certainly would appreciate you thinking about as you make your year-end decisions about nonprofit organizations to support. We do good work!!!

Hope your Thanksgiving holiday is filled with happy moments and grateful hearts.

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