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The Yamaha Rhino’s high center of gravity and narrow wheelbase makes it tip easily, which can lead to ATV rollover accidents. The rollbar and seatbelts do nothing to protect the lower legs, which can be ejected during a tip or roll.

Injuries from an ATV accident can include broken arms or legs, including hands and feet. Often during a rollover ATV accident, the driver’s leg becomes pinned under the 1,100-pound ATV, crushing the limb. There have been cases where the injury to the leg leads to amputation.

Children involved in an ATV accident are more likely to suffer wrongful death. Their small bodies cannot control the weight of the ATV, making it easier for them to run into another object, roll the ATV over, or fall off the vehicle.

Severe head wounds are one of many injuries that can happen to kids during ATV accidents. Brain injuries, fractures, and spinal cord injuries can often occur, which could lead to wrongful death.

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