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Yes ! Local governments such as Davidson County , Williamson County , Rutherford County as well as all other counties can be sued under certain circumstances . The Governmental Tort LIabilty Act sets the standard on when you can sue local governments . One can sue for car accidents and other similar personal injury claims . There are some limitations . You are capped on your damages or recovery .The term capped is simply that there is a limit on how much you can recover . Also , you are not entitled to a jury trial . A judge would determine liability and damages . The act lists the type of suits that can be brought . However , discretionary functions of government are immune from lawsuits . There are other quirks in the Governmental Tort Liabilty act that makes it different from a regular car accident case , but the bottom line is that if that public works truck ran the stoplight or a police car was on an improper fast pursuit , you may have a case .

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