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A jogger was hit and killed by a motorist Saturday while jogging down Duvall Avenue Northeast in Renton, Washington. The 37-year old jogger was traveling along the northbound lanes when a southbound car drifted across four lanes of traffic and hit the jogger from behind. The car then went down an embankment. The 34-year old driver sustained injuries.

I take some personal interest in these stories because I ride my bike to work every day and see firsthand how important it is for all users of the road to pay careful attention. A car versus a bike or pedestrian is simply no contest. It’s stunning to me how unsafe our roads are and what a price we pay for our car-centered lifestyles.

It seems pretty clear to me that drifting across four lanes of traffic is negligent unless the driver was trying to avoid a sudden emergency.

For more information on this subject, please refer to the section on Car and Motorcycle Accidents.

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