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I am sure everybody heard about Shannon Goods’s 45 foot drop on I-5. She and her daughter were in her Ford Explorer when she swerved to the left to avoid another vehicle. The truck went over the guardrail and landed on it’s front below the overpass.

The family says they were blessed. Not only is Eryn Goods free of serious damage, but when doctors examined Shannon’s shattered knee, they found a tumor that had gone undetected. It is not yet known if the tumor is cancerous, but the accident may have saved Shannon’s life.

Accidents are scary and they should be avoided at all costs, but they are not always the life-ruining event that people think they are. I was reading the comments on the first article and it saddened me. The first post makes a joke about “Thelma and Louise” and the second immediately gets judgmental talking about “deep pockets” and a lawsuit that hasn’t even happened yet. Is that all people see when read something like this?

I think about whether the people involved are okay, I wonder if they will find the other vehicle, and I wish them the very best. A story like this is uplifting. The fact that something good can come out of something so bad. Especially after hearing about Joshua Fulayter’s death after a 35 foot drop onto I-5 in Orange County. I think the world would be a better place if people focused on the positive things in life and not on the negative.

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