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As this wonderful time of the year approaches, alcohol related accidents increase. Social drinking is a part of many holiday gatherings. Unfortunately, just a few drinks can change an individual’s ability to make good decisions.

Pursuant to North Carolina law, an individual may not operate a motor vehicle when their blood alcohol level is 0.08 or greater. In most individuals this equates to two beers consumed within one hour. While an individuals blood alcohol level may not exceed 0.08, just a few beers may impact an individuals perception and reaction time. This error in judgement often results in substantial bodily harm and/or death when vehicles collide.

Following a few simple guidelines can ensure you and your family make it home safely this season. As a general rule of thumb, if you know you are going to be out drinking, be sure and have a designated driver. In the alternative, program a taxi cab companies telephone number in your cell phone, with the intention of using that number before you leave your home. Many people leave their social gathering unsure of whether or not they are they are safe to drive. While it is always best to play it safe, here is a general rule: For every alcoholic beverage consumed, it takes an hour for the beverage to leave your body. For example: If the average individual consumes 4 beers in 2 hours, it will take 4 hours before the alcohol leaves their body. However, the effects of consumption may still be present. I recommend that drivers avoid alcohol altogether.

Take turns with friends as the designated driver. Play it smart this year and make good decisions when it comes to getting behind the wheel. Waking up in the hospital or in jail is no way to spend your season. From all of us at Egerton & Associates, we wish you a safe and Happy Holiday.

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