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The holiday season is a dangerous time to be out and about. The weather conditions are not always ideal, there are more people on the roads, and drivers tend to be a little more stressed than usual. Every year people die during this time and it is a horrible to thing to lose someone anytime of the year, but losing them at Christmas makes it that much harder.

Over the years, California has instituted programs with the purpose of limiting the number of deaths and injuries due to traffic accidents. The seat belt campaign, the drunk driving prevention, and the probationary license for teens have all contributed to the falling number of traffic fatalities.

The bad news is that sixteen people died on our highways this season, the good news is that the number has decreased from last year. Only eight of those deaths involved someone not wearing a seat belt. Statistically speaking, that shows an increase in seat belt use. Only 824 people were arrested for drunk driving. Last year the number was 1,303. That is a huge difference and it may have made a difference in your life.

The highways are getting safer and safer, but they remain dangerous nonetheless. We owe a thanks to the California Highway Patrol and everything they do to lessen our chances of being hurt or killed in a traffic accident. And we owe a responsibilty to everyone on the road to make good choices and drive carefully.

Let’s keep the numbers down through New Year’s!

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