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Today’s guest on the “Beyond Driving with Dignity” podcast show is Mark Wright, co-founder of the Storefront Safety Council.  

The Storefront Safety Council was launched in 2011 with a mission to reduce the number of vehicle-into-building crashes. These mostly preventable accidents are injuring and killing Americans where they work, play, shop, and eat.  The Council is comprised of volunteers from a variety of backgrounds who are passionate about ending storefront crashes.

In today’s show, Mr. Wright helps us gain a better understanding of just exactly what storefront crashes are, how big of a problem they are, who is causing them, and what we can do to help prevent such tragedies from occurring in the future.      

Show Notes:

00:00      Welcome to the “Beyond Driving with Dignity” podcast show!

00:54      Introducing today’s guest; Mark Wright, co-founder of the Storefront Safety Council

02:15      Mark introduces us to the Storefront Safety Council and explains how and why it was founded

03:34      Mark and Rob Reiter join forces to reduce storefront crashes

06:09      The compelling reason for Mark’s passion to help eliminate storefront

08:16      What information is available through the Storefront Safety Council’s website?

09:07      As a victim of a storefront crash, Mark still considers himself very fortunate

10:00      The Storefront Safety Council serves as America’s repository for storefront crash statistics 

12:50      Pittsburgh Post-Gazette headline:  Pregnant woman dies after being pinned by van, but baby lives

13:25      The role of pedal error and pedal misapplication in storefront crashes

16:38      Why are older drivers more likely to be involved in a storefront crash?

19:00      The importance of staying aware of our age-related diminishing driving skills

19:58      Battle of the sexes:  Are the ladies or are the gentleman more likely to be involved in a storefront crash?

23:15      What types of stores are typically involved in storefront crashes?

26:40      What can store owners do to prevent these types of crashes?

31:15      How are local and state governments working to prevent storefront crashes?

33:23      What are insurance companies doing to help prevent storefront crashes?

34:38      Mark’s final words

39:11      Thank you to Mark Wright, Rob Reiter and the entire team at the Storefront Safety Council!

39:41      Thank you to Chris MacLellan and everyone at The Whole Care Network

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