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Mitigating Storefront Crashes Involving Older Drivers

A Podcast From the “Beyond Driving with Dignity” Show 

Today’s Guest:  Robert Reiter, co-founder of the Storefront Safety Council



The Storefront Safety Council was launched in 2011 to reduce the number of vehicle-into-building crashes. These mostly preventable accidents are injuring and killing Americans where they work, play, shop, and eat.

The Storefront Safety Council is comprised of professional volunteers from a variety of backgrounds who are passionate about ending vehicle-into-building crashes. Founding members include experts in perimeter security, parking, personal injury law, risk management, architecture and related professions and industries.

Listen in to the “Beyond Driving with Dignity” Show as Matt Gurwell speaks with Robert Reiter, founder of the Storefront Safety Council, about how and why older drivers sometimes confuse the brake and gas pedals and end up running into storefronts, and how these types of crashes can be avoided.

 Click HERE to Play the Episode Now!


Show Notes for “The Storefront Safety Council” Episode:

01:55       Just what is the Storefront Safety Council?

03:15       When and why was the Storefront Safety Council created?

05:30       Statistics on strorefront crashes

08:10       A noticed increase amongst younger drivers and storefront crashes

08:24       Distracted driving and storefront crashes

09:10       Older drivers and storefront crashes

09:44       Older drivers and pedal misapplication

11:50       Updating parking lot designs and safeties

15:12       Pedestrian safety in parking lots

16:32       Parking lots are very dangerous places for everyone

17:41       Keeping Us Safe’s “Self-Assessment Program” for older drivers

20:25       We all age differently

21:25       Self-driving cars and parking lot safety

23:55       Building codes as a tool to reduce storefront crashes

24:45       Blogpost:  “Airbags and Older Driver Safety”

25:12       Blogpost:  “Preventing Parking Lot Tragedies Involving Older Drivers”   

25:47       Conclusion

Visit the Storefront Safety Council website at

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