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Sue Rabe fought hard to get Oregon Senate Bill 49, “Kyle’s Law,” passed, which would prohibit anyone under 12-years-old from operating an ATV. It would also put stronger restrictions on ATV riders between 12 and 15 years of age, and make helmet use mandatory.

Sue knows firsthand the devastation that ATV accidents can have on a family. Our Toledo, Ohio ATV accident attorneys had help continuing their blog series on ATV safety from this mother, also the co-founder of Concerned Families for ATV Safety.

The Rabe family lost their son, Kyle, to an ATV accident when he was only 10 years old. He had been riding for over a year and a half without any accidents. His parents write on the website that he was a very cautious, skilled rider wearing boots, gloves, several layers of clothing and a full face, approved helmet.

But all of those factors did not prevent an ATV accident.

“It’s devastating,” said Sue Rabe of Turner, Oregon. “Kyle was three months shy of his 11th birthday. Until you have children, you won’t understand that they become your number one. They are everything to you.”

While Oregon Senate Bill 49 did not pass, Sue believes that all of the lobbying and attention that Kyle’s Law received helped save lives.

“Last year not one child in the state of Oregon died in an ATV accident,” Sue said. “The year before, eight kids died. Apparently someone is listening.”

Stay tuned for our on-going series on ATV accidents as we report the information that Concerned Families for ATV Safety and Sue Rabe has provided us with.


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