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While much attention has been focused on financial recovery for medical expenses through PIP insurance in Florida, it is important to know that PIP insurance also can cover additional losses from a car accident – specifically, lost income. Many people who sustain injuries in car accidents must miss work either for medical treatment or because their injuries prevent them from performing the essential duties of their job. When someone misses work for a period time, they often lose a significant amount of income on which they depend to pay bills and cover basic household needs.

PIP insurance does provide some relief for car accident victims who have lost wages. The policy includes possible disability benefits, which can compensate you for 60 percent of your lost wages while you are out of work. While the recovery for lost income is limited to 60 percent, it is better than nothing and, additionally, an experienced attorney can evaluate whether there are other avenues for you to collect the other 40 percent.

PIP insurance companies are not simply going to come forward and offer you income compensation after a crash, however. Instead, you must follow procedures and specifically request lost wages as part of your claim. Your insurer will require that your employer fill out specific documentation that demonstrates your wages in the weeks prior to the accident so they can verify how much income you are losing. In some cases, you may also need verification from your doctor or another medical professional that your injury truly does prevent you from working.

In many cases, claims for lost wages can be denied for a variety of reasons. It is imperative for you to contact a skilled PIP attorney who can help you prove that your claim is valid so that you can receive the compensation you need.


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