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Skip to main content is reporting that Toyota may finally be ready to expand its sudden acceleration recall beyond floor mats.

November 16, 2009
It’s not just American car manufacturers who are sometimes slow to recognize and admit safety problems in their vehicles. In September, Toyota grudgingly agreed to recall about 3.8 million Toyota and Lexus models because of reports of unintended acceleration.

The company set no land speed records with the recall. Consumers had been complaining about the sudden acceleration for years. And many were not happy with Toyota’s explanation of the problem. The company blamed the frightening out-of-control spurts of speed on floor mats which supposedly could slide onto the accelerator, pressing it to the floor but many Toyota owners find the explanation unconvincing.

"I have had three accidents or near accidents with my new 2009 Toyota Prius due to a combination of mysterious acceleration and loss of brakes," Paul of Sedona, Arizona, told My car suddenly seemed to accelerate on its own and my brakes failed. How I stopped my car I will never know."

There are reports that Toyota has set aside more than $5 billion to replace the accelerator pedals on all of the 3.8 million vehicles recalled for floor mat problems. However, the company has denied those reports.

Toyota’s accelerator problem has been going on for more than five years — it’s time Toyota finally fixed the problems and got these dangerous vehicles off our streets. How many people have been injured or killed by this known defect in that time? It is irresponsible and dangerous for Toyota to continue its delay. It’s time for Toyota to acknowledge its responsibility and fix this problem.

Until Toyota owns up and finally fixes the problem, all Toyota drivers must be prepared.

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