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WSMV is reporting that safety advocates want the Toyota sudden acceleration recall expanded.

Car safety advocates say Toyota’s recall plan to fix nearly $4 million vehicles with sudden acceleration problems is not enough.

The Channel 4 I-Team has been tracking the problems for two years.

This week, Toyota said it will shorten the length of the gas pedals to temporarily fix sudden acceleration and prevent the pedal from becoming stuck in the floor mat.

But it’s only making the changes on seven recalled models.

Safety advocates say owners of other models have complained, too, and that Toyota should expand the recall.

They also suggest making changes to the under-funded National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which has been investigating these reports.

I’ve been tracking experts who have repeated said (for example, here, here and here) that Toyota’s recall is not enough and will not fix the underlying sudden acceleration problem.

After ignoring the accelerator problem for more than 5 years, Toyota is continuing to ignore the problem in many of its models.

Safety experts have identified more than 2,100 sudden acceleration events in Toyota vehicles. Many of these sudden unintended acceleration occurrences involved vehicles without floor mats or involved vehicles not subject to the Toyota acceleration recall.

Toyota’s recall does nothing to protect the drivers of Toyota vehicles not recalled.

Until Toyota finally creates a solution that actually fixes the problem, all Toyota drivers must be prepared. You can learn how to stop your vehicle if it experiences the sudden acceleration problem at this post.

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You can learn more about Toyota’s dangerous sudden acceleration defect at our auto safety blog or by visiting our web site.

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