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In a Madera County, California case, Brundage-Bone Concrete Pumping, a nationwide concrete pumping company, has agreed to pay nine million dollars in a wrongful death lawsuit to the parents of two children killed in an automobile accident involving one of the company’s trucks. The two sisters, Korren Radke, seven years old, and Chloe Baker, two years old, were killed last June when the company’s concrete pumper truck rear-ended the family’s car. The driver of the truck was said to have been driving at an unsafe speed and was thus unable to come to a controlled stop when the family’s car came to a stop ahead of him due to a disabled car on the highway.

There are numerous similar cases like this in the Charlottesville and Central Virginia area where large trucks have caused accidents, and destroyed families, because of reckless driving, poor driver training, and/or improper or poor mainteance of these large trucks. Despite federal regulations that attempt to regulate and/or mandate safety, these accidents continue to occur at an alarming pace. They are preventable accidents.

For more information on this subject, see our section on Tractor Trailer Accidents.

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