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The America Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently released a study titled, "Energy Drinks: What Teenagers (and Their Doctors) Should Know,” which encompassed 23 studies that have looked at the dangers of energy drink consumption for teens, while cautioning increased awareness of the associated dangers.

The study found, 30-50% of young adults consume energy drinks regularly. It further goes on to say that of 5448 caffeine overdose cases reported during 2007, 46% were under the age of 19. These figures are sobering when considering that the beverages, as well as their contents, are unregulated by the FDA for their caffeine content. Many of these drinks also contain other herbal ingredients that boost the effect of caffeine leading to greater health risk including anxiety, stomach problems and insomnia. In large amounts, it can lead to more serious health hazards such as heart palpitations.

Alcohol, consumed with these drinks further compounds the health risk by further impairing judgment and other side effects. As such, parents need to be more vigilant in watching what their teens are consuming on a regular basis as much as they can. As parents, we just can’t be there 24/7 but we can inform them of the inherent dangers and show them the studies.

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