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Bicycling can be a rewarding way to spend an afternoon, get into shape, or bond with friends and loved ones, but you must always be aware of the laws and regulations that surround bicycling, and ensure that you and those around you are safe, and secure on the road. As a bicyclist, you are afforded all of the rights and responsibilities of a motorvehicle. You must ensure that you comply with all posted signage and traffic controls. Also, just as with a motorvehicle, you may not operate a bicycle while under the influence of any alcohol or drugs. Staying aware of the rules and regulations of the road, will ensure that you, and those around you, remain safe out on the road.

It is your duty as a bicycle operator to ensure that your equipment is in good condition, and can operate appropriately on the road. California law requires that bicyclists have front facing white lights and rear facing red lights for night operation, as well as correctly working brakes for standard operation. While operating a bicycle on a public road, all standard traffic patterns apply, such as passing and overtaking another bicyclist or motorist, and signaling for appropriate turns. It is also important to note that no individual operating a bicycle may do so while listening to headphones, earplugs, or any device that may impair their ability to hear emergency vehicles, other motorists, or potential dangers.

So the next time you are getting ready to take to the streets for a bike ride, please do always remember to wear a helmet, be aware of all traffic controls and posted signage, stay aware of others on the road, and give other riders, cars, and pedestrians, the respect you wish to receive. If you follow these simple laws and guidelines, the roads will be more enjoyable for all that use them.

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