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Careless driving has become a huge problem for drivers today. If you aren’t the driver who is distracted, there is a good chance that the driver next to you is. People are busier than ever before and use driving as a time to sort through what they have to do for the day, this often causes drivers to zone out while driving. This can be very dangerous to not only the driver but also anyone else who is on the road. This was the case when a Twin Falls man rear-ended a pick-up truck that was stopped at a red light this past weekend. During this four-car accident, three people were sent to the hospital and are now recovering. The driver who caused the accident was cited for careless driving and a court date has been set. Careless and inattentive driving is one of the major causes for automobile accidents. The awful thing about careless driving is it can be prevented very easily. It would be one thing if these accidents were caused by weather because weather cannot be prevented, but drivers can control their attentiveness while driving. One way to raise the level of attentiveness while driving is by not using your cell phone when driving, cell phones are the leading cause of careless driving accidents. Another way to eliminate automobile accidents caused by careless driving is by not allowing yourself to drive when you are upset, this is also a common cause of accidents and can easily be prevented. If you feel that your judgment or ability to pay attention to the road may be affected by your emotions have someone else drive you or wait until you feel comfortable to drive. Carelessness can be prevented at the wheel, if you want more tips on how to drive more safely visit

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