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The Penn State Sexual Abuse of those poor young boys is yet again a reminder of how often children are victimized by sick adults, and then even further victimized when the safe guards and system that should offer them protection and relief fails them too. It is a theme too often played out here in Pennsylvania in particular. Indeed, way too many children have suffered horrific abuse as Catholic priests sexually abused them , and then were betrayed again when the Archdiocese of Philadelphia concealed these acts rather than exposing the priests allowing the abuse to be perpetuated.

And then another blow is dealt when Pennsylvania law regarding the Statute of Limitations negates claims- by barring them “as out of time”, for many an abused child who blocked the painful memory, and then recalled it later as an adult and is then barred from filing a civil claim because it’s too late. All the protection seems to go to the offenders rather than to the victims.

Presently in Pennsylvania three bills are under consideration that would allow civil lawsuits to go forward over abuse that took place any time in the past, and both civil and criminal actions against child sex abusers indefinitely into the future. Needless to say the state’s 10 Catholic dioceses does not support the legislation and will skillfully put up great opposition.

It seems so clear that if there were laws and procedures in place that punished the offenders, and those who turn a blind eye, these crimes, horrific offenses against children would diminish rather than flourish.

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